The clinics

The clinics

We cooperate with Denmark's largest and leading chain of dental clinics. The chain has more than 100 dental chairs operating in 17 modern high-tech clinics located in the bigger towns and cities across Denmark. 

The chain also has its own Danish dental laboratory that makes all kinds of crowns and other prosthetic works in a very high quality. 

Most of the clinics also cooperate with an anaesthesiologist for larger treatments or if the patient specifically requests the procedure done in full anaestesia or sedation.

The chain treats 1.200 patients every day, a number that will grow in the future as the chain is expanding with around 3 clinics every year.  

Given the size of the chain, the staff has many options to further educate themselves, as an example some of the dentists have chosen to take a master in implanvology paid by the employer. Other options include being relocated to another town or city if a position becomes vacant or to be made parter in a new clinic after a few years. 

Regardless of which clinic employs you, you will have your own dental nurse, the reception will be staffed by a receptionist and appointments and booking will be handled by the central call center, advertising and administration will be handled by the administration and management etc. All in all you can expect to be employed by a very well run and professional company. 


The remuneration at the chain is very competitive as it is the marked leader within larger treatments such as crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, implants etc. making it possible to generate a high turnover and therefore a greater commission. As we realise it will take a while from you start until you have converted treatment plans into actual treatments, we will offer you a fixed salary the first 3 months of your employment. 

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