Services we provide

Services we provide

From day one we will work closely with you to carefully access your expertise, expectations and needs in order to match you with the position and geographic location that is right for you and your family. We will be there for you to assist every step of the way until you start your first day at your new job. 

Relocating to another country for work can be a wonderful and life changing opportunity, but we recognise that it is also a very big step, not to mention a logistical challenge which may discourage many families from making that move. 

We aim to not only make the move optimal, but also if your family is moving with you. We organise language training and provide support and assistance to overcome all the barriers which come with relocating to another country and starting with a new employer, leaving you free to focus on your new job as well as enjoying your spare time in Denmark. 

The service we provide is at no cost to you and is financed wholly by the employer. 



The number one requirement for you when it comes to moving to Denmark is that you are entitled to work and live here. We know all the legislation and requirements that are relevant for you when it comes to moving you to Denmark. At Med-Employee we know the process very well and have helped many dentists to get settled here in Denmark. If you are bringing family with you we will assist in their registrations we well. 

We will help you every step of the way to make sure that your application for permanent residency as well as your dental authorisation will be obtained. 

Danish course

To thrive and function as a dentist and citizen in Denmark requires that you will learn the Danish language. We will therefore set you up with an online language course as soon as you have signed a contract with the employer. The online language course will give you the chance to learn the basic grammar, simple sentences as well as give you a basic understanding of Danish. You will have to complete and pass the online course before you can move to Denmark. Once you move here, you will be signed up at a language school or get private lessons with a Danish teacher, depending on where and when you come to Denmark. For the first 3 months of your employment you will only be working 30 hours per week, which will give you more time to learn Danish. 


We guide you all the way