About Med-Employee

About Med-Employee

At Med-Employee we know the dental industry in Denmark inside out, as well as the legislation regulating it. 

We have a very close relationship with both clinics and candidates when we match good jobs with qualified and competent candidates. 

At Med-Employee we take really good care of our candidates and their families because we want them to be happy and well integrated so they will stay in Denmark long term. 

Med-Employee is founded by the same people who established Denmark's largest chain of dental clinics, Godt Smil Tandlægerne. 

We know the dental business inside out and have many years of experience bringing EU dentists to Denmark. We are very familiar with handling legal applications quickly and correctly, making sure every part of the recruitment- and authorisation process goes perfectly. 

Having a long experience with the dental business we have worked with all aspects of administering dental clinics and recruiting dental staff, which means we know what it takes to make it a success for all parties in the process.